Fiber laser cleaning machine

Product Application

Laser cleaning machine is the latest high-tech product. Easy to install, operate, easy to achieving automation.

Plug in power, turn on and start cleaning – without chemicals, media, dust, water.

Cleaning with no detergent, no media, no dust, no water. Auto focus, can clean curved surface, gentle cleaning surface.

Cleaning resin, oil stain, rust, coating materials, paints on workpiece surface.

Fiber laser
Laser wavelength
Average power output
Power regulating range
Scanned area
F=160mm,area 70mm×70mm
Maximum scan line speed
Minimum scan line width
Scanned depth
0.01~0.2mm(according to the material)
Minimum focal spot
Power supply
Cooling way
Air cooling/water cooling

Main Features

1.First high power fiber laser cleaning machine in China.

2.Non-contact cleaning, no damage to workpiece

3.Precision positioning, selective cleaning, desired cleaning area can be applied to the workpiece

4.No need chemical detergent, no consumable. Safe & environment-friendly.

5.Easy to operate ,Either portable or equipped with robot for automatic cleaning.

6.High cleaning efficiency, time-saving.

7.Stable laser cleaning system, free maintenance.

Wide Applications:

Oxide Removal                                                                        Mold Cleaning

Surface Preparation                                                               Coatings Removal

Weld pre-treatment                                                                 Gluing pre-treatment

Removal of Oil and Grease                                                    Paint Removal

Paint Removal                                                                         Surface Cleaning

Stain Removal                                                                         Surface Roughening

Tool Cleaning                                                                          Historic Restoration

Selective Paint Removal                                                        Precise Cleaning

Main picture
Laser cleaning sample

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