CO2 laser engraving & cutting machine

-Machine Function

Applicable to marking or engraving non-metallic material in different design message

Can marking or engraving the following content

-Application Material

  • -Leather               -fabric               -wood-bamboo              -paper             – organic material

    -acrylic                -plastic              -epoxy resin

    -etc Non-metallic material

-Application Industry

Leather, clothing, footwear, craft gifs, pharmaceutical packing, cosmetics, IC, electrical appliances,

communications, instrumentation, plastic shell, stationery, clocks watches, glasses, packaging etc

-Machine Features:

1.import metal RF CO2 laser tube to ensure that the faster speed and higher stability

Adopts originally American imported RF metallic CO2 laser tube Or China RF metallic co2 laser tube optioaol

maintenance free for over 20,000 hours

2. High Speed Galvo Scanner

3.high-quality optical device

the output of light more smoothly, ensure the consistency of marking

4.Good quality lens

to ensure the high quality of machining precision and speed, achieve 24-hour continuous  processing stability;

5.fine control board

the system is stable and reliable, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, wysiwyg, easy to operate.

6.Red Dot Pointer

Preview the location before marking.

7.optical encapsulation, free maintenance, flexible installation, convenient installation

8. Rotary Marking optional

9. On line marking optional

Technical Specification:

CO2 Laser Laser Power 150W

Laser Brand

China golden CO2 laser


Laser wave length  


Galvanometer High speed Galvo Scanner  

China made

Max speed ≤7000mm/s
Optical Output Data  

Marking Area

Marking depth 0.1~0.5 mm (according to the material)
Minimum Line width  


Minimum character  


Cooling System  

Cooling way


water cooling

Power General Power 4500W

Power Supply





Optional device


On-line flying marking, 3D marking,Rotary marking, accord to customer request

Laser engraving sample

Laser engraving sample

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