Mini fiber laser marking machine

Metal Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sale Function
use to mark/printing and engrave on many types of metal material and some non-metallic material
with different design text, symbol, pattern, bar code, 2D code, serial number, and suitable for online

Laser Brand
China Racus fiber laser
Laser power
Laser wave length
Galvo scanner
China brand Sino-galvo
Marking area
110*110mm/ 160*160mm/300*300mm optional
Marking Speed
Marking depth
0.05~0.5 mm (accord to the material)
Minimum Line width
Minimum character
Cooling way
air cooling
General power
Power Supply
220V/50Hz/1kVA  220V/60Hz/1kVA
Application Industry:

1. Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component
2. Mobile (cover,battery,keyboard, I Phone case)
3. Jewellery(ring,pedeant,bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft
4. medicine package and medical instrument
5. Car motor car spare part
6. Instrument and meters and cutting tool
7. plastic case and Building materials,PVC pipe
8. military product and aviation and aerospace
9. hardware fitting and accessory
10. sanitary appliance
11. food and beverage
12. solar Pv industry: silicon wafer
13. other: rubber epoxy resin ABS Printing ink Coating film

Main parts:

Raycus fiber laser source: NO maintenance laser source, fiber laser service time 100,000 hours.


High speed galvo scanner:China Sino-galvo                                           Control card:  EzCAD

Laser Marking Sample


Q: Equipment Quality, Reliability Warranty?

1) Every machine in the detection process, through specialized testing equipment and facilities,
before machine out of our factory machine text 24 hours.
2) All of our machines have 1-year quality Warranty from customer receive machine.The company has
built life-long correspondence files.


Q: Why choose us?

A: Doing business with Ooitech is SAFE and BENEFICIAL. Ooitech qualified Alibaba Trade Assurance project, Which means Alibaba will refund if there is any quality problem after your buying.
We are onsite checked by Alibaba. The supplier assessment report can be download on our company profile site. Reliable supplier ensures the safety of your fund.
CE and UL approved machines bring good quality and reasonable price help you making profits from our machine.


Q: Do you have Training to Customer?

A: We will supply with the machine operation manual in the English version.
For installation and operation, including an introduction for the composing of equipment, working
principle of equipment, common knowledge of computer, controlling principle of electric devices,
daily maintenance measures of equipment. Personal demonstration for installation and adjusting
of equipment, the operation of equipment, programming of the computer.
The user can dispatch representatives to our factory for 2-3 days for training.We are responsible for
training them free of charge. While all the charges including traveling charge and accommodation
will be afforded by the user.

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