Laser Marking Machine

Ooitech, more than 16 years professional laser marking machine manufacturer. Provide fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, and customization laser marking machine. Comprising 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm wavelength laser markers as well as various technologies and specialized setups.

Laser Cleaning Machine

Ooitech, 5 years experience in laser cleaning industry. We produce Laser rust cleaning, Laser surface cleaning, and Rubber mold cleaning.

And for different materials, we have 100-3000Watt different types

Laser Welding Machine

Ooitech welding systems cover a wide range: modern remote welding systems, ergonomically optimized manual welding lasers, joystick-controlled deposit welder and also high-precision CNC systems.  Depending on the customers’ requirements, the lasers work on an automatic, semi-automatic or manual basis.

About Ooitech Laser

Ooitech laser belongs to Ooitech Group, have more than 16years experience in the laser industry.

Laser, when used as a manufacturing tool, is fascinating; it offers virtually infinite potential in material processing applications, which are as broad as the technologies behind them.

CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers, fiber lasers, ultrashort pulse lasers or diode lasers, Ooitech provides the entire spectrum of industrial lasers for laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking or laser surface treatment. Our product portfolio includes the full power spectrum, from single-digit watts right up to multi-kilowatts.

With extensive application know-how, Ooitech is the ideal partner for your individual laser solutions, providing worldwide expert advice and service.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine
CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Diode Laser Marking Machine
Laser Welding Machine
Laser Cleaning Machine
Automatic Convey Laser System
Wafer Scribing(Cutting) System
Customization Laser System

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Monish from IndiaCEO

Ooitech laser scribing machine helps us cutting solar wafers. that's amazing!

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Powerful laser cleaning machine, perfect!

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Ooitech, provide professional machines and technical supports. thank you!

Mr Ranamanager

perfect performance! I like ooitech laser marking machine.


Laser marking & Laser cutting & Laser cleaning & Laser welding

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